Cave Suite

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When visiting with large families, our cave suite allows you to unwind in peace in impeccable comfort. Feel the pull of history as the ambience and small details harken back to how our ancestors lived. At the same time, never miss out on the opportunity to catch up to all the comforts that modern amenities provide, lazing in the spacious drawing area or in the attached balcony.The cave suite is immense and comes with 2 separate bedrooms, each with its own attached balcony and bathroom, and are the epitome of luxury and natural living.


  • Private Bathrooms
  • Option Of Full Meal Packages
  • Welcome Drink
  • Access To Complimentary Games
  • Flat-Screen TV
  • Drawing area
  • Personal Air-Conditioning
  • Tea& Coffee-Making Facilities
  • Minibar
  • Attached Balcony
  • Laundry Service


Rooms are equipped with



Air Conditioning

Comfy Beds

Classy Bathrooms


A touch of Nature