Ayurvedic SPA – Agastya Kuteera

Located within the confines of our cave resort, our Ayurvedic spa is a feast for both the senses and the spirit. Weary travellers walk into our spa and leave rejuvenated, undergoing natural cleansing programs for the body and the mind.

Our guests can schedule personal consultations with our resident doctors at the facility and opt for a curative treatment plan which suits their needs, including massages and other Ayurvedic treatments.The style and flow of the ayurvedic treatment is determined by who you are, and each treatment is a little bit different as the doctor carefully understands your requirements and prescribes the ideal treatment. Our Ayurvedic spa treatments are designed to:

• Detoxify and cleanse your system
• Boost your immune system
• Leave you in good health
• Improve your overall well-being